Transmisión en vivo de una neurocirugía

Transmisión en vivo de una neurocirugía

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Viernes, 12 Junio, 2015 - 03:00

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Video transmission of Neurosurgery events June 2015

Streaming is provided by CESNET in collaboration with organizers of

Live surgery Cerebrovascular and Skull Base workshop held in Usti nad LabemTranstemporalapproaches and Intensive EC-IC Bypass Course held in Usti nad LabemAnnual Congress of  CNS held in Olomouc (see

The full program and time schedule of these events can be find on the end of this page.

The most interesting part of Cerebrovascular and Skull Base workshop live surgeries  operated in hospital in Usti nad Labem by prof. R.Tanikawa and prof. T.Fukushima  will be transmitted on-line via CESNET academic network and special optical link created for CNS congress from Palacky University Olomouc to the venue by Merit Group a.s.

You can watch the on-line streaming


Live-surgery program

Friday June 12,  2015

Live surgery Cerebrovascular and Skull Base workshop

9:00   Live surgery – ECIC Bypass Surgery, prof. R. Tanikawa
10:00  Live surgery – Skull Base Surgery, prof. T. Fukushima

17:40 – 18:40 Bypass Video Session

  • Vajkoczy P. – Bypass cases
  • Tanikawa R.  – High flow bypass for intracranial complex aneurysm in the anterior circulation
  • Fukushima T. – Vascular reconstruction in neurosurgery

18:50 – 19:30 Skull Base Lectures and Video Session

  • Kanaan I. Presigmoid skull base approach
  • Fukushima T. Far lateral approach (ELITE) and anterior  petrosal approach for skull base lesions
  • Mathiesen T. Transtemporal approaches in neurosurgery, long-term results of meningioma surgery


 Saturday June 13, 2015

Transtemporal approaches and Intensive EC-IC Bypass Course

08:30 – 08:40 Introduction, comparison of different training models – synthetic tube, chicken wing, living rat model (Sames M.)
08:40 – 09:00 The role of microanastomosis in surgical training (Choutka O.)
09:00 – 12:00 Laboratory training of microanastomosis on a Kezlex synthetic tube Kezlex (

  • cut, end to end, end to side Choutka O.
  • end to side Tanikawa R., Vajkoczy P.
  • side to side Vajkoczy P., Tanikawa R.

12:30 – 12:55 Model for the cerebral aneurysm clipping – demonstration Comparison of continuous and interrupted suture in EC-IC anastomosis (Priban V.)

14:00 – 15:30 Fukushima T. Transmastoid retrolab approach– drilling
15:30 – 16:30 Tanikawa R. Translab approach – drilling
16:30 – 16:45 Sames M. Transcochlear approach – drilling
16:45 – 17:00 Sames M. Anterior transpetrosal approach – drilling
17:10 – 17:30 Fukushima T. Transcondylar appr – demonstration
17:30 – 17:50 Fukushima T. Anterior transpetrosal approach – demonstration

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