Taller de Gestión de Identidad

Taller de Gestión de Identidad

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Miércoles, 28 Mayo, 2014 - 14:30

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Jueves, 29 Mayo, 2014 - 16:00


El taller inicia actividades el miércoles 28 de mayo a las 14:30 horas en el Hotel Krystal, salón Krystal 1.



  • Camila Santos – RNP
  • Andrea Biancini  – GARR
  • José Luis Quiroz – INICTEL-UNI
  • Brook Scholfield – TERENA
  • Gustavo García – RedCLARA
  • Carlos González - ELCIRA WP5
  • Federico Ruggieri - GARR/INFN
  • Roberto Barbera - INFN/Univ. of Catania
  • Rafael Mayo Garcia - CIEMAT


Hora Miércoles 28 de mayo

Federation | Camila Santos (RNP)

The objective of this presentation is to show the theoretical foundations and the necessary actions to build a federation.
16:30  Coffee break

IdP as a Service | Andrea Biancini (GARR)

In this presentation an easy way to deploy and maintain an Identity Federation will be shown. 
The presentation will start from describing GARR experience in providing IdPs as a service in a Cloud architecture, both from the point of view of the technology and of the processes. 
Then it  will show how the different major components of a Federation could be provisioned semi automatically on a Cloud extending the experience gathered on IdPs.
  Jueves 29 de mayo
08:30  eduroam | José Luis Quiróz (INICTEL-UNI)
10:30  Coffee break

eduGAIN | Brook Scholfield (TERENA)

The objective of this presentation is to explain what is eduGAIN, what are the steps to join, the benefits and  actual status in the world.
12:30  Time for Lunch

Federated Identities and Services: the CHAIN-REDS vision | Federico Ruggieri GARR/INFN

The talk presents the current vision of the CHAIN-REDS project regarding the Federation of Identities.

The support to eduGAIN is instrumental to speed-up the process of creation of Identity Providers and Service Providers in the regions addressed by CHAIN-REDS.


Services using IdPs: the Science Gateways and beyond | Roberto Barbera INFN/Univ. of Catania
Having a large number of services and applications accessible using Identity Federations is a cornerstone of the sustainability of the e-Infrastructures.

Examples of services adopting such approach in different scientific domains will be shown with a specific focus on those accessible through the Science Gateways.


Identify the Data: the PID services | Rafael Mayo Garcia CIEMAT

Identifying the users is one of the components that are needed to enable the access to the resources available in the  e-Infrastructures (e.g. Computing and Data), 

but how can we identify unambiguously the data that we are looking for ? 

The Persistent Identifier (PID) is a system that allows to assign a unique ID to Data and make it available for future  retrieval and use of the Data.

15:30  Coffee break

Service model and applications for the NREN | Carlos González (ELCIRA WP5)

The objective is to present the web services platform developed within the ELCIRA Project. With this platform, the NREN can integrate to their portfolio a set of federated applications in a quick and safe way. The innovative model for integration facilitates the adoption, deployment and maintenance of new services.


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