Past, Present  and  Future of Free Space Optics

Roberto Morales
Mark Doucet (SKYFIBER)
Lugar: Hotel Coral & Marina, Ensenada I y  II
Día: jueves 24 de mayo
17:20 -17:40
Los horarios indicados son de la Cd. de Ensenada, B.C., GMT-7

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Mark Doucet co-founded SkyFiber, Inc. in 1996 and currently serves as Chairman and Chief Technology Officer. In this capacity, Mr. Doucet provides ongoing oversight in all areas of the business.

Mr. Doucet’s intuitive ability to solve complex technical problems with uncommon simplicity brings a unique perspective to his role in determining and overseeing the technology direction for the company. Prior to forming SKYFIBER™, he founded and served as President of Dominion Technologies, a computer consulting firm where he inspired and co-authored SKYFIBER’s first patent. Today Mr. Doucet’s intellectual property portfolio currently contains over 17 granted or pending patents, including the company’s landmark point-to-multipoint (PtMP) patent that has been successfully defended in federal court.

Under his direction, the development team at SKYFIBER has designed and built an innovative series of products that have demonstrated significant competitive advantage and measurable value in providing Optical Wireless Broadband technology across multiple market segments. Mr. Doucet previously held sales management responsibility for the multi-million dollar operations at Texas A&M University's (TAMU) Micro Computer Center and served as network administrator for the Commandant’s Office at TAMU.

Mr. Doucet holds a B.E.D. in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University.